Managed IT

Vastnet IT Management - Your own IT department

Wasted time in your office = wasted money. How much do you pay your employees to sit around waiting for the computers or network to be fixed? Just a few hours wasted month costs a even a 2-3 person office over a thousand dollars!
Having a small business doesn't make you any less vulnerable to IT issues and data loss. While having a full time technician on site would be nice, it isn't cost effective and paying most companies per incident can be just as fiscally destructive.

Vastnet has the perfect solution with our Managed IT products.

Basic Features

Vastnet Managed IT
100% US Based Support
Local Office's
On-Site Support
Low Cost
Monthly Audit's
Remote Hands*
Fast Setup

General Features

For a small monthly charge per employee, you will have a knowledgeable and friendly IT professional available to resolve nearly any technical problems which would normally bring your productivity to a standstill.

From PC hardware repairs/upgrades, network and software issues, to printers, faxes, and mobile phone problems, we can and will help you. When you or your employees call, they are immediately put in contact with a Vastnet representative that can help them right then and there. No hours spent on hold waiting for someone reading from a manual. We can log in to your PC remotely, and help resolve your problems no matter how simple, or complex.

Contact us for a free office evaluation. We will visit your office and evaluate your hardware, data protection, PC health, and your network security.
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