Other Services

Simple and Legacy services, not big enough for a dedicated page on our site:

Domain Email

Vastnet's Domain Email allows you to use your domain for email (ex. chris@mycompany.com)

Snail Mail Box

This allows you to use Vastnet's address for your postal mail. We keep your mail for you in a dedicated box. You either pick it up, or we can mail it to your home. Great for home business's that need to use a commercial address.

Domain Name Service

Domain Hosting on the Vastnet DNS Servers

Every Vastnet Datacenter

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Access
  • Remote Hands
  • Climate Control
  • Backup Power
  • Gigabit Network
  • "Doors" Access Control System
  • Camera Monitoring
  • Staff Available 24x7
  • Monitor/Keyboard for client use