Web Site Hosting and Management

Web sites are the building blocks of the Internet. Vastnet provides this core internet service with a focus on the customer and their goals.

We provide a full hands-on aproach to Website Hosting. Never will you feel helpless when you host with us!
While colocation is our most popular service, we do host several hundred web sites for various companies. Why use Vastnet to host your site with so many "economy" services out there? Bandwidth and Support.

Well, we are Vastnet. We host hundreds of Mission Critical servers on our network. Large companies depend on us for their entire infrastructure.

Our support hours go beyond phone support. We welcome you to come into our office for support, or we will come visit you, all at no extra charge. So next time you go to $5.99 a month host-co, remember you get what you pay for.

Basic Features

Web Site Hosting and Management
Unlimited Space*
Pro-Active Management
US Phone Support
In-Person Support
Database Enabled
PHP Enabled
WebDAV Enabled
Fast Setup

General Features

You really get everything you will ever need included with any of our Web Site Hosting plans. We are extremely knowledgeable in online stores, and run Magento for several of our clients. Use the Contact Us button below, and we will get the perfect solution quoted out to you as soon as possible!
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