App Development

Having an iphone or android app for your company is no longer an option - in today's world its necessary!

With multiple programmers on staff, Vastnet is able to build any app, to your spec.
Vastnet is proud to have the developers on our team, our lead developer has been a top level programer for projects such as "Maddin 2010", a multi-million dollar game series by EA, and and "Mac Heating" which was the first Heating Oil Pricing app on the App Store!

Meeting Deadlines
One of the biggest issues we hear in the app market is developers not meeting deadlines. That's not how we work. When we give you the timeline for the development, we stick to it. If we do not meet the agreed deadline your app is on us.

Once the app is up on the app store our commitment doesn't stop. Support options can be worked into the contract for everything from updates, to email, to phone support.

You need an app

Look around next time your at a restaurant or bar. Everyone is on their phones. The average 20-40 year old spends triple the amount of time on their phone, vs their computer. Apps are arguably more important than a web site these days!

Just use the button below to contact and give us an idea of what you are looking to do. We are a easy bunch of people to talk to!
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