Colocation Add Ons

Additional IP Address's
Need more IP's for servers, web sites, and other services? Vastnet is able to allocate IP address's to any colocation service (except Webmotel).

4 Additional IP Address's$19$0
8 Additional IP Address's$27$0
16 Additional IP Address's$38$0
32 Additional IP Address's$48$0
64 Additional IP Address's$72$0
128 Additional IP Address's$85$0
256 Additional IP Address's$139$0

Intelligent Power Management
You get full control of the power outlet your machine is plugged into. You can power-cycle, turn-on and turn-off the power to your machine from our password-protected web site. Priced per port.
Monthly: $24.95 Setup: $10

Additional Bandwidth/Data Transfer
If you go above the alloted transfer for your service you will be charged for extra bandwidth. You can purchase extra bandwidth in advance for a substantial savings.

Per GB: $5

Advance Per M/bit (313GB Transfer): $200

Additional Electrical Power (NetCabinet, NetCabinet Jr, NetCage)
Each Cabinet/Cage comes with 20 Amp power. Aditional Power is available.

Per Amp: $15/mth

Device located outside of server and network/power ports
These charges apply to customers who have a device (firewall, switch, etc) outside of their server and/or need extra power/network ports for their equipment in web hotel.

Each device: $49/mth
Additional network port: $25/mth
Additional power port : $25/mth

Technical Support / Remote hands
Vastnet offers two levels of remote-hands. Basic remote hands includes simple tasks such as pressing a power button or inserting a cd. This is included with most of our co-location services at no charge. Advanced remote hands includes all other technical service, such as connecting monitors, troubleshooting problems and installing software.

Basic Remote Hands (9-5, Mon to Fri): $20/incident (Included Free with most co-lo)
Advanced Remote Hands (9-5, Mon to Fri): $175/hr
Advanced Remote Hands (Outside of Business Hours): $200/hr
Advanced Remote Hands (Federal Holidays listed at ): $300/hr