Shadow Colocation @ Vastnet NY

Host backup equipment in case of a failure at your main site

Due to customer demand, we have created this service around what you have asked for: "Is there any way I can keep some equipment cold at your facility in case my main equipment goes down?". Now the answer is YES!
Whether you have co-lo with us or host your servers somewhere else "Shadow" can save you in the event of an issue with your primary site. Our "shadow" service is the same as our other co-lo services except your equipment is kept powered off until needed. It's a "Cold Spare" that you can turn on quickly if needed. Why a "cold spare" instead of a "hot spare"? Very simple, its WAY less expensive and there is no wear on the equipment while its waiting. Our cold spare services are less than half the cost of co-location, and it's no different.

Your equipment sits in the same cabinets or racks we sell for co-location. You have the same network connections, and the same unlimited no-cost X-Connects. The only difference is that your equipment remains off (We allow up to 24 hours of powered up time per month for you to perform maintenance and testing). Should the need arise to turn up the equipment you are billed the same price as our normal colocaton (minimum one-month charge).

For extra ip's, and other options please see Colo add-ons

Basic Features

Shadow Colocation
Private Electrical Feed
Pro-Active Management
Climate/Humidity Control
Dedicated Router Port
24x7x365 Access
Key Card Access
Remote Hands*
Fast Setup

General Features

With well over 20 years in the colocation business Vastnet knows what you are looking for in colocation. We have 3 sizes of cabinets, Cages are available on a custom price basis. We do not charge for x-connects to other providers, so feel free to bring in a circuit from any provider of your choosing to supplement your Vastnet Ethernet.
Server 1/3 Cabinet 1/2 Cabinet Full Cabinet
Vertical Space N/A 24" 38" 70"
IP Address's included 4 4 4 4
Power Included One Plug 15 Amp 15 Amp 20 Amp
Uplink Speed 10/100 Gig/E Gig/E Gig/E
Gigabit Network
Gig/E Uplink Connectivity
FREE Setup * * * *
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