Cabinet Colocation @ Vastnet NY

Colocation cabinets are best for multiple servers and network equipment

More and more companies are moving from cloud to a colocation solution to cut costs and gain control.
Vastnet has been providing colocation services for over 20 years - way before the other guys even thought about it. Our datacenters have proven themselves, through hurricanes, blizzards, and floods. Providing colo for this long, we have seen many facilities come and go. Vastnet remains through it all.

With three different sizes of fully secured lockable cabinets you can host from 5 to 50 servers and appliances. Add to that Vastnet's redundant Internet backbone and diesel generator backup power, and you can save money while not sacrificing stability or service.

For extra ip's, and other options please see Colo add-ons.

Basic Features

Cabinet Colocation
Private Electrical Feed
Pro-Active Management
Climate/Humidity Control
Dedicated Router Port
24x7x365 Access
Key Card Access
Remote Hands*
Fast Setup

General Features

Cabinets include all features you are likely to need, with additional features available as add-ons. We have 3 sizes of cabinets, Cages are available on a custom price basis. We do not charge for x-connects to other providers, so feel free to bring in a circuit from any provider of your choosing to supplement your Vastnet Ethernet.
1/3 Cabinet 1/2 Cabinet Full Cabinet
Vertical Space 24" 38" 70"
IP Address's included 4 4 4
Power Included 15 Amp 15 Amp 20 Amp
Uplink Speed 100 M/bit 100 M/bit 1 G/bit
Monthly Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Gig/E Uplink Connectivity
FREE Reboots
FREE Remote
* * *
FREE Setup * * *
Full Management Optional Optional Optional
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