T1 and 56K Internet Access

Traditional T1 and 56K dedicated

While Fiber and Ethernet have become commonplace in most major cities, for companies in the outlying and rural areas a T1 might be the only option.

Basic Features

T1 and 56K Dedicated
Private Network
Dedicated Bandwidth
NOC Monitoring
Generator Backup
24x7x365 Support
Pro Installation
56K to 1.54M
Fast Setup

General Features

Dedicated lines (56K and T1) may not be the hottest new thing, but they are still in full force in most parts of the US. As of 2015 30% of dedicated lines in the US were still T1! Fiber isn't available in many areas, and wireless microwave only works if you have Line Of Sight and a tower near by with a provider on it!

Having a dedicated T1 is very, very different from a Cable modem or consumer grade shared connection. T1 is a business grade service, able to handle a large amount of packets-per-second, while a cable modem has high speed, but is not able to handle high amounts of users. Think of a cable modem as a sports car and a T1 like a Semi-Truck. Not as fast, but able to carry more.

Vastnet has been providing T1 and 56K lines for over 20 years, and still does to this day!
1.54 M/bps 56 K/bps
Private Link
Free Setup
Static IP Address's 8 Included 8 Included
Monthly Cost $499.00 $299.00
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