Microwave IP

Up to 1Gps speed - with NO loop costs

The most reliable, fastest form of IP Connectivity. The government and telcos have been using microwave for years, now you can too.
Concerned about reliability? You shouldn't be. Remember this is point-to-point ground based microwave. It performs the same in rain and snow as it does on a sunny day. All the big telcos use microwave to provide phone TOTALLY different service.

In fact, Microwave is always prefered over Fiber when possible since there is no chance for outages caused by fiber cuts as well as far less chance of equipment breakage. Why then isn't everyone going microwave? Microwave requires one very important thing to work well - Line of Sight between the dishes. This is why you normally see dishes up on hilltops or tall towers. Vastnet's dishes are positioned high up on towers, to allow line of sight shots to buildings miles away.

We offer speeds ranging from 1 M/bps to 1 G/bps in Melville, NY and North Denver, CO.

Basic Features

Microwave IP
Secure Encrypted Link
Dedicated Bandwidth
NOC Monitoring
Generator Backup
24x7x365 Support
Pro Installation
1 M/bps to 1 G/bps
Fast Setup

General Features

Microwave IP includes both the equipment, IP address's, and Internet Connectivity. Service can also be connected directly to equipment in the facility allowing you to have a direct connection between your colocated equipment and your office. The speed of your connection depends on the LOS (Line-Of-Sight) between your building and the Vastnet Tower.
10 M/bps 100 M/bps 1 G/bps
LOS Requirement Minimal Substancial Perfect
Dish Size 20" 20" 49"
Install Vastnet Vastnet Vastnet
Monthly Call Call Call
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