Fiber Optic Access

Fiber Ethernet directly to your office!

Today's Internet runs on Fiber, its fast, error-free, and a proven technology. With a backbone node on several fiber networks, Vastnet can get Fiber to your office for those bandwidth intensive applications.

Basic Features

Fiber Optic Access
Private Network
Dedicated Bandwidth
NOC Monitoring
Generator Backup
24x7x365 Support
Pro Installation
1 M/bps to 1 G/bps
Fast Setup

General Features

As dependence on the Internet grows, it is increasingly important that your company has an Internet connection you can rely on and a level of service that will support mission critical communication with your customers, suppliers and partners. We provide a variety of Internet Access services to Long Island NY and the Denver CO areas via our proven Datacenters.

With Fiber Optic Access from Vastnet you gain an edge in this ever evolving world of communications. You gain a priority over "consumer" services such as cable, FIOS, or DSL. Its important to know, not just how well the service works, but how quickly it is repaired after an outage. Business Fiber, since it makes up the backbone of communications, is on the top of the food chain. Its got the best uptime and in case of an outage, its the first to be repaired, way before consumer level services such as Cable or DSL.
50 M/bps 100 M/bps 1 G/bps
Private Link
Free Setup
IP Address's Included Included Included
Monthly Cost Call Call Call
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