BuildingNet Access

Ethernet directly to your office!

Have an office in a building with a Vastnet Datacenter? BuildingNet - Internet Access via Ethernet directly into the Vastnet Datacenter!
As a courtesy to the other offices in the buildings which Vastnet has Datacenters, we offer Internet Access at a highly reduced rate. Each building Vastnet is located in has been wired with a Ethernet Backbone by Vastnet. We provide a branch of this backbone to get your office online.

Since this backbone is directly connected to Vastnet you receive the same speeds datacenter customers get. This type of service would generally cost thousands of dollars per month, however Vastnet provides it for tenants at a less than Cable Modem price.

Basic Features

BuildingNet Access
Gigabit Network
High Bandwidth
NOC Monitoring
Generator Backup
24x7x365 Support
Pro Installation
Buildingwide Wifi
Fast Setup

General Features

You will receive the absolute best access available to anyone. Being only feet from a Vastnet Datacenter means your office is receiving a direct connection to several Internet Backbones connected into Vastnet via Fiber Optic or Microwave links.

This service IS ONLY available to tenants in buildings that have a Vastnet Datacenter. If you are not in such a building, please see the other forms of access we offer.
Private Ethernet
Free Setup
IP Address's 1
Monthly Cost $59
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