Vastnet - NY

Vastnet's Long Island, New York colocation facility has been in operation since 1995. Over the years we have expanded, upgraded, and improved upon the datacenter, but never at the cost of downtime.

The datacenter features all the features you are looking for including a triple redundant HVAC system, overhead Power Distribution units, "Doors" (our in-house engineered access control system), Floodstop water detection system, as well as creature comforts like a fridge with free drinks for clients. A Kohler generator in our Generator building takes care of backup power, and has powered the facility 3 times in our 20 year history, once for 6 days. See pictures of the NY Datacenter in 2010 by checking out the old Datacenter Tour.

Vastnet - CO

When we made the decision to open a colo facility in Denver, Colorado we started with an open book - a book that has been built on the years of colocation experience we gained from the NY facility. So, we went ahead and built it out our way. We started with a industrial building in an area you wouldn't expect to find a colocation facility - away from all the problems associated with newly growing areas (Can you say accidental Fiber cuts!).

The building is located high above the surrounding ground and has a concrete water run-off pit on the low side to channel water away. The location also made possible our communications tower for Microwave links to backbones and client sites as well as our 2-way radio system to be used to communicate and coordinate emergency network services in case of a disaster when the PSTN is down.

The datacenter itself is built using everything we have learned. There is no A/C, instead outside air cooling is used. In the summer, the outside air is filtered, then cooled with water, and in the winter, its just filtered and brought in. All cabinets tie into a central patch panel, and 3-phase power is inside the facility for client use. This site features "Doors V2", Version 2 of our in-house engineered access control system that's worked so well for us in NY. No generator is provided at this location, instead we depend on battery power and pass the savings onto the customers (An on-site generator adds approximately $200 per month on the price of a cabinet), this means massive savings for you!

What makes Vastnet different?

With over 20 years in business, Vastnet is one of the longest running colocation datacenters in the United States. We keep it simple, yet up to date. Our number one priority is uptime - period. We have an incredible record that tops all Long Island Datacenters on uptime history. Vastnet engineered and designed an outside air cooling system back in 1996, long before anyone had the idea, or thought it would be feasible in a datacenter. Now facebook, google, and microsoft use outside air cooling.

Other strategies, such as using separate UPS systems in each cabinet, a trend which is just now made it to other facilities, Vastnet has done from day one. It comes down to this, when you trust your colocation or IP to Vastnet, we take it personally and make it our job to keep you up and running.

Every Vastnet Datacenter

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Access
  • Remote Hands
  • Climate Control
  • Backup Power
  • Gigabit Network
  • "Doors" Access Control System
  • Camera Monitoring
  • Staff Available 24x7
  • Monitor/Keyboard for client use