Vastnet Reseller and Referral Partner Programs

The key to any business is pleasing the customer. A fully satisfied customer will always stay with you, bring you new projects, and choose you over the competition. Vastnet owes success to our extreme customer satisfaction rate which has given us the lowest customer churn rate of any Colocation facility. Well, to put it simply, find another colo facility thats been in business for over 20 years!

In 2015, we have two new programs to allow you to provide solutions to your customers from Vastnet. We have designed these programs around our partners and what they have asked for. Some partners prefer to have full control over billing, support, and other concerns. Others prefer to simply point their client over to Vastnet and let us handle everything. From this, we have designed two different programs.

Reseller Partner

With this program you interface with the client 100%. You bill, support, and manage the customer. Vastnet support is still there for you, no matter what the situation, but we deal with you. We do not communicate with or manage your client. We don't even need to know the name of the client. You keep your client dealing with you.

As a partner you recieve a 20% monthy commision on all Vastnet services you sell. You recieve this every month, as long as the service is active. This is a really great way to boost your bottom line. The average monthly commision on a colocation cabinet is $245.00 per month! Its very easy to get your monthly checks to several thousand dollars per month, and suplement your businesses income.

Interested? Give us a call at 631-423-5454 or use the Contact us form to send us a email.

Referral Partner

As a Vastnet Referral Partner you provide the "lead", and we take it from there. Vastnet will handle the sales procedure, support and billing. This is a good route to go if your not in the business, or do not have the resources to provide support and billing.

As a Vastnet Referral Partner you will recieve a one-time commision check equal to the first two months of service. For example, a cabinet sale with a monthly recurring charge of $900, would yeild a one time check to you for $1,800.

Interested? Give us a call at 631-423-5454 or use the Contact us form to send us a email.

Why Partner with Vastnet?

  • In business over 20 years!
  • 100% USA based support
  • Almost zero customer churn
  • New York and Colorado facilities
  • All facilities built and owned by Vastnet
  • Best uptime in the industry
  • Camera Monitoring
  • Staff Available 24x7