Vastnet's Story

It all started simple enough. We opened our doors in 1996, with a single Internet connection and some wood racks for servers. Vastnet, and the Internet, have come a long, long way since that day - but one thing remains the same, our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Vastnet NY - 1996

Vastnet NY - 2014

Our Motto

"Vastnet - High Quality - Upscale Access". That was our motto back in 1996. Back then we sold dial-up, and we decided right from the start that we were going to be different, WAY different than anyone else. We skipped the 500 phone lines with modems hanging off terminal servers and went for ISDN PRI lines, going into new USR Digital modems. It took 60 days to get a PRI line back then, and when 56K came out and all the other guys were racing to see who could get a PRI first. We already had all of our lines on PRI's. We supported 56K before consumers could even get the modems. Within one month, we went from 2 customers to 1,000.

Then we did something unheard of. We stopped accepting new customers for 56K dial-up. We didn't want our customers to get busy signals, so we put our current customers before new sales. You should have heard the reaction when people would call in asking for service when we told them we had a waiting list. No company turned sales away. We did. Vastnet was "High Quality - Upscale Access", not busy signals.

If you think that was "different" then you will think this is really crazy. We did on-site support for dialup for free. If a customer had problems that our support department couldn't solve over the phone, we sent a support guy to their home or business to fix it - free. People just couldn't believe we were doing this for a $19 a month customer. At one point another provider in the area called us to ask us if we were really sending support people to customers homes to fix their $19/month dialup accounts. "How can you afford to do that?" they asked. We responded, "How could you not?" Going out of our way to help customers builds customer satisfaction, which in turn builds a reputation. That's why we will prosper.


Right from day 1 we were selling colo, it just wasn't called that yet. Vastnet coined the term "Web Hotel" and it stuck. Web Hotel is now our single-server co-lo product. Over the years we learned. We designed systems to track, manage, and bill colo customers. We learned how to deal with attacks and emergency's. We were writing the book on how to operate a colo facility, a book that didn't exist yet.

As the years went by we gradually moved more and more into colo. Quite honestly colo was of the most profitable and fastest growing portion of the business, so we focused most of our time on it.

Vastnet in 2010

We started experimenting with Microwave. Microwave links can carry large bandwidth for miles with no loop costs! Microwave was already being used extensively in the western US, but not much in Long Island. Why? All those beautiful trees! Microwave requires Line Of Sight. Luckily, our building was positioned perfectly for Line Of Sight to the main corridor of Melville, NY. To this day I believe we are still the only provider on Long Island doing Microwave, with some of our connections 10 miles away doing over 1 G/bit bandwidth. When the hurricanes come and the floods knock out Cable and Fiber, Vastnets lines stay up and running.

Vastnet in 2015

Colo is now the core of Vastnet, and we know EXACTLY how to operate a colo facility. We have slowly grown, listening to our customers, adding services they requested. The bottom line was necessary, but never our focus. Make the customer happy and the bottom line follows is our thinking.

It cracks us up every time we hear someone new opening a colo. You can't just "open a colo". It's not like back in the day where you order a T1 and throw servers on a rack in your basement. With the high QOS customers demand and the complexity of the modern Internet you can't just "Start selling colo" and have everything work out. It's just not that simple.

Some things never change, like our dedication to you, our customers. Come give us a shot, you will see why Vastnet is the longest running co-lo facility on Long Island.

Every Vastnet Datacenter

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Access
  • Remote Hands
  • Climate Control
  • Backup Power
  • Gigabit Network
  • "Doors" Access Control System
  • Camera Monitoring
  • Staff Available 24x7
  • Monitor/Keyboard for client use